S.T. Dupont​
Authorized Retailer

We are one of Connecticut's only S.T.Dupont authorized retailers. 
S.T. Dupont makes exceptional pieces designed to stand the test of time.
Don’t just own them, make them your own.

Cigar Universe

Guaranteed to stand the test of time. 

Discover the new S.T. Dupont cigar collection, engineered to enhance the cigar experience. Selecting the finest materials, S.T. Dupont artisans handcraft a distinguished collection of luxurious cigar accessories. Available at Orange Cigar & More.


You already Smoke the part now look the part. 

Discover the art of adding character. The glint of precious metal, an unexpected accent of colour and the understated elegance of sophisticated design. Accessories to add natural flair and distinction, created with skill and attention to detail by our master artisans.